The iDEA

The Day to day hassles faced by school and parents to manage activities around kids considering the changing demands of the today’s world gave birth to the idea for school-Genie.

As a family we have been experiencing those hassles , concerns and do realize the change the School Genie would bring to your life.

We have tried to cover and address most of the areas and have brought it down (simplified) to a click of a button.

The idea came into life with join effort of Realizer technologies and Aditya Pratisthan.

The brilliant minds of the IT industry and experience of the education sector have worked hand in hand to achieve this product.

Aditya Pratisthan has its work into the educational sector for more than 20 years. While the minds at Realizer technologies have more than 15 years of experience into software development and solutions.

The vision behind this implementation is to help parents and teachers to manage their daily activities with easy.

We today within the digital world can’t leave schooling behind so this would be moving one step towards the digital world.

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